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The result is a kayak which paddles well, looks pleasing and which has quickly become our most popular model. The Telkwa is a long, high- volume kayak, but it is surprisingly nimble for its size and suits a wide variety of paddlers. The Telkwa was designed to be a full fledged ocean touring kayak capable of doing unsupported trips of at least a couple weeks duration. It will carry you and your gear to all parts of our coast with ease. The Telkwa with its unique combination of tracking and turning make it the an excellent choice for long distance touring or day tripping following the coast line closely.

Fibreglass: Fast and responsive! The stiffness of the hull makes these the swiftest of the kayak construction types. Hulls are durable, except against sharp, direct impact hits and inevitable scratches that are usually minute and don’t affect the speed of the hull.
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