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True, it is not intended for multi-week expeditions but it is certainly very suitable for most people, even those with overnight ambitions

When launched in 2015 the Sirona was an instant hit. Most testers commenting that it retained the versatility of its predecessor, the Avocet but also noting that it possessed a more playful personality reminiscent of the earlier Pintail. 

Despite its playful personality, its sixteen-foot hull is one of the fastest in its class, whilst the hull also responds predictably to edging and has a stability profile that allows even newer paddlers to exploit this. 
Although not conceived as a long-range expedition kayak, the Sirona is not limited to mere day-boat duties, it being more than capable of multi-day adventures, the hull speed again being of benefit, allowing a Sirona paddler to keep pace in any group, good seat ergonomics provides all day comfort and the predictable handling easily absorbs variations in load. 

The Sirona is truly a kayak to enjoy at any level of ability and one that your skills will never outgrow!

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