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It is hard to design a board that works well in both situations, but it has been our mission to find that perfect mix of characteristics that satisfies both environments. John used his Constant Flow rocker, which makes them track well so you are not switching the paddle from side to side all the time, but keeps them loose enough so you can have some fun in the surf. He also incorporated a flat bottom, which maximizes stability, and a little kick in the nose to prevent pearling while dropping into a wave.

The Cross 11’0” is 30.5” wide, with 178 liters of volume. The moderate width makes it work well in all around conditions for medium sized paddlers, and compared to the Cross 10’6” the extra volume is good for bigger guys and beginners in the surf. The Cross uses our Rhino-Lite technology. The boards come with three fin boxes, so to maximize wave performance be sure to get the optional side fins.

The Cross boards hit the sweet spot for maximum versatility in an all-around board. If you spend a lot of time paddling on lakes, bays, or rivers, but you still want to make sure you have the right board for a trip to the surf, grab a Cross. You will not be disappointed!

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