DELTA 12.10

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 Its extended keel design aids in stability and offers superior tracking than other kayaks in its class. The Delta 12.10 has all the features found in all our longer touring sea kayaks, including front and rear hatches and bulkheads for safety and dry storage. It also features Delta’s multi-position Contour II Seat System, Proprietary Press-Lock hatch system, and low profile front day hatch.


The Delta Kayaks Day Hatch is perfectly placed to store essentials you may need to easily access during your paddle.  Innovative, colour matched, hard-shell covers provide a secure seal with easy on and off convenience. The hard shelled cover helps to increase the structural integrity of the deck, will not implode in the case of excess pressure on the hatch during re-entry and also offers the same superior UV protection as the rest of the kayak.  Note: Electronics should be stored in a waterproof case or bag. This handy storage compartment keeps those things you need most close by.

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